Benefits of CyberStorming™

What's in it for you? How can CyberStorming help you accomplish your goals?

Here's a partial list of how this website can help you:

  • Make It Rain More Profitable Ideas
  • Uncover Buried Ideas
  • Unleash your Hidden Creativity
  • Spark New Innovation Initiatives to Increase Revenue
  • Develop Innovative New Products, Services, and Income
  • Re-Hydrate Your Creative Juices
  • Generate Energetic Solutions
  • Replenish Your Innovation Well Before It Runs Dry
  • Defrost Your Frozen Assets & Thaw Out Your Ice Caps
  • Increase your Innovation Capacity
  • Enhance your Creativity Skills
  • Apply Cutting-Edge Innovation Tools to ANY TOPIC
  • Overcome Stubborn Problems with Creative Problem-Solving
  • Equip your Team with Practical, Everyday Innovation Tools
  • Harvest the Powerful Ideas of your Stakeholders (i.e. CrowdStorming™)
  • Collaborate and Share with Colleagues at Different Locations
  • Overcome Your BrainStorming Barriers, Battles and Blunders


Features of the CyberStorming™ website

Here are just a few of the key features you'll find and use as a CyberStormer:

  • Easy to use, cutting-edge brainstorming tools
  • Web-based system to provide easy access 24/7/365
  • Over 15 online ideation tools
  • AlphaStorming™ tool to make your own words
  • Idea Bucket™ to capture your random ideas in/out of the office
  • FormStorming™ templates for face-to-face sessions
  • VideoStorming™ tutorials for quick training
  • Online date stamp to document your sessions
  • Catalytic adjustable timer to spark more ideas
  • Compatible with mobile devices (internet required)


The Spinnovator™ helps you create a Whirlwind of Ideas, and a Fresh Spin for almost any project, problem, or product. This revolutionary innovation provides over 15 different cybertools to spark new ideas!

You can select from 1-5 tools at a time and spin different words, images, and photographs within each one.

It includes a timer to set a session length, plus an Idea Pool™ to store your ideas. After you complete your session, you can either Save, Print, or Email your ideas to other team members and colleagues.

Sample list of tools:
  • MetaStorming™ (catalytic metaphors)
  • LifeStorming™ (various life events)
  • SceneStorming™ (multiple scenes)
  • RoleStorming™ (role-playing exercise)
  • ToolStorming™ (assortment of tools)
  • SymbolStorming™ (mix of symbol-sparks)


The AlphaStorming™ tool allows you to take any word and generate a wealth of interesting variations of the original word by substituting the first letter (or letters) of the word. By using this list of variations, you can create your own proprietary words for new product names, marketing concepts, themes, projects, marketing campaign, etc. You can also use it to invent and/or find rhyming words for ad campaigns, copyrighting, speeches, creative writing, jingles, and even songwriting.


Word Twister™
The Word Twister™ is an amazing tool that quickly allows you to take a group of words (or parts of words) and "twist" them together to create new words. By combining these words, you can generate new product names, website names, business names, book / article / speech titles, buzz words, new theories, or just fun (and funny) words. You can either Save, Print, or Email your final list to clients, colleagues, vendors, or anyone interested in your new creations.

Example: Enter the words - buzz, game, micro, spin

Results: BuzzGame, BuzzMicro, BuzzSpin, GameBuzz, GameMicro, GameSpin, MicroBuzz, MicroGame, MicroSpin, SpinBuzz, SpinGame, SpinMicro


These printable "forms" come in .pdf format and are designed to breathe new life and energy into your internal face-to-face brainstorming sessions. These forms can save you a LOT of time, increase your meeting efficiency, AND generate a LARGER NUMBER of ideas than traditional 1950's BrainStorming. You'll find:

1. GullyWasher™ Idea harvesting tool using the group brainwriting technique
2. bRain Bucket™ - Idea capturing tool for individual use
3. ForeCaster™ - Idea evaluation tool for speedy group evaluation of a specific idea
4. Human Dynamics™ - Award-winning, multi-purpose tool for getting inside the human mind
5. PocketStorming™ - Pocket innovation tool you can print and carry with you to spark ideas anytime, anyplace


Idea Bucket™
Ever had a great idea and then FORGOT it? The Idea Bucket™ allows you to quickly capture your ideas for future consideration. It allows you to create categories for the type of ideas that you generate. You can also use this tool through your mobile devices to capture ideas while you're traveling. All you need is internet access!


Video tips, tutorials and tricks!